Figure in the Wood

I am a self-taught woodcarver/sculptor. Having grown up in an artistic family, I developed an artistic sensitivity. My training in the natural sciences-particularly pomology, ecology and ethnobotany-enhanced my knowledge of natural materials.

My inspiration is drawn from the techniques and forms of primitive and traditional folk art. This, combined with my knowledge of handtools and careful observation of the wood’s natural form, texture and grain, guides my work to enhance the overall design and feel of the object. My sustainably managed woodlot often provides many of the logs that have crooks, knots and other “defects” that are often incorporated into my spoons, ladels and bowls.

Recent work includes relief carvings, impressionistic figures, ever day objects, ornaments and assemblage sculpture.


About lew60

Trained in ecological sciences agroforestry, horticulture and landscape ecology. Pomologist. Sculptor and woodcarver.
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